Terms & Conditions

1.   NFT Heroz are a digital artwork collection (“the Collection”) on the Ethereum network.
2.   This website is an interface allowing users an opportunity to buy items from the Collection.
3.   We disclose and users acknowledge that:
a. as the smart contract for the Collection utilises the Ethereum network and blockchain, there is no capability whatsoever to amend, reverse, restore, unwind or undo transactions in connection with the Collection; and
b.   we provide no warranties whatsoever in connection with the website or its related services and users use the website and any related services entirely at their own risk.
4.   Users are entirely responsible for:
a. validating all transactions and contracts generated by this website, or accessed via this website, before approving or proceeding with any transaction; and
b.   the safety and management of their own private Ethereum wallets and digital currency; and
c. their interactions with the Ethereum network and blockchain and all transactions in connection with the Collection whether via this website or otherwise.


1.   Each item from the Collection is a non-fungible token located on the Ethereum blockchain (each being an “Item”).
2.   When a user buys an Item that user then owns the underlying art in that Item for the period during which the user remains the actual owner of that Item. If that owner then sells or transfers ownership of that Item, the new owner owns the underlying art in the Item for the duration of their ownership of the Item and so on.
3.   We grant the owner, from time to time, of an Item a worldwide, royalty-free license to use, copy, and display their Item (together with any derivative work that owner creates) strictly for:
a.    the owner’s non-commercial personal use; and
b.   creating derivative works based on the Item for commercial purposes provided that in doing so the owner does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third-party; and
c.    placing the Item for sale via a marketplace that provides for the sale and purchase of the Item and which appropriately verifies the ownership of the Item and rights to display the Item; and
d.   use via any third-party platform that allows for use, interaction or participation with your Item provided that the platform appropriately verifies the ownership of the Item and rights to display the Item and provided that the Item will no longer be displayed or used should such ownership rights or the right to display the Item cease.  

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